Resistance as a guide through a supervision

Resistance as a guide through a coaching supervision process? An essay about why do we need a guidance in coaching (supervision) and why it should be our client who guides us

I wrote this essay during my training as a supervisor in summer 2017 as a way to reflect my professional experience, which could be assimilated by my emerging role of the supervisor. Even this was before our year-long work trip to central America, I decided to publish it to have a closer look on the way I think about coaching — and supervision itself. To fulfill this task thoroughly (and to make the most of it), I decided to discuss three matters, which I, in my current state of professional development, consider to be the most crucial. Clearly, these matters are linked with coaching — and therapeutic — trainings I graduated from and clients I work with. However, this essay is also based on my experience as a scientist in the field of social psychology. My motivation to write this essay is then connected with the question I asked once my fellow coaches: “What is the most recent struggle you face in your professional development, which you have to solve to move further?” Besides the many productive answers, there was one, which I thought about the most: “You know, in fact, questions like these, do not really interest anyone.” But, don’t they? Or, aren’t they supposed to interest us? Continue reading