Coaching & Supervision

Our attitude is based on two basic components. Firstly, we work with client on the understanding of his or hers topic in order to gain the proper insight. This enables us to plan together the future steps to move forward successfully. We offer coaching and supervision in following areas:


Intercultural Coaching

for managers and teammates working in the intercultural environment in order to make your mutual communication more effective and to create the supportive working environment for everyone included, also if you are struggling with the homesickness (sadness, anxiety, loneliness) or thinking about moving abroad (and asking the question whether this decision will lead to fulfillment of your future goals).

Work/life balance

for clients facing important professional decisions which can have great impact on their personal lives, or personal decisions potentially influencing their careers, also if you want to set both your future career and life goals in the more balanced manner, rethink your life style (f. e. workaholism, perfectionism, shyness) or find the balance between the time spent in the work and with your family.


Academic Coaching

for students struggling with procrastination, stress, lack of motivation, loneliness, negative feelings associated with the end of the study (highschool, college, university, PhD.) or first job (quarterlife crisis), or if you want to make a decision about future (choosing the field of study, vocation, country suitable for living..).

Coaching of giftedness

for gifted youth and adults, nonconformist, questioning the given authority, seeking for deeper meaning, engaging passionately with things, to enable identify your strengths and weaknesses, to understand what does it mean to be who you are, what is your position in the society and what you can do about it.


Life Coaching

for clients overcoming difficult life period or transition, looking for the way how to deal with stress, burnout syndrome, self-criticism, personal crisis or feeling generally unwell, in order to find intrinsic motivation, set the long-term goals or strategy of personal development (f. e. for finding of the new employment, feeling of life satisfaction).

Kids’ Skills Coaching

for children and parents for handling with problematic aspects of children’s behavior (crying, aggressive behavior, disagreements with siblings), development of the social skills and enhancement of the motivation (f. e. in school or sport) and as a tool for overcoming of difficult life periods in children’s life (divorce, bullying, self-harm, changes in the family, moving in, separation from friends).


Individual supervision

for professionals (therapists, social workers, coaches) using some of the postmodern therapeutic attitudes in their work (f. e. SFBT, coherence therapy, emotionally focused therapy, internal family systems) or coaching and having questions regarding their own professional role (doubts about the work, stress, burnout) or your work with a client (cooperation, professional relationship – raport, resistance and counter-resistance) or the process itself (leading sessions, contracting, goals setting, asking of the questions, leading the dialogue).

Group supervision

for teams of professionals (counselors, NGOs, kindergartens or schools, startups) with topics associated with the work with clients (f. e. what to change, where to pay more attention, how to find our niche) or need to re-create the working environment (intrinsic motivation, mutual support, dealing with stress and time management) and team collaboration (short-term and long-term goals and strategies for reaching them, shared vision, common values). Group sessions are upon agreement available also directly in your workplace.


You can find more about us and the way we work following our facebook. If you are still considering what exactly do you need right now, try to write us an email with the question, what we can do together. And if you are already decided, we would like to make a skype call with you, or, upon agreement, visit you in your workplace and start to work.


Session duration

As our client you can decide how long our sessions will last. The basic session duration is 60 minutes, however, the session can also last until the topic of the session is fully completed (appropriate in the situation where you need to progress quickly).

If you would like to cancel the session, please let us know at least 24 hours prior the scheduled date, otherwise the price for the cancelling is 20€ (500Kč).

Session price

Kids’ skills:
60€ (1500Kč) for 60 minutes.
20€ (500Kč) for 60 minutes.
30€ (750Kč) for 60 minutes.

Price of coaching for clients until the age of 26 is 20€ (500Kč) for each 60 minutes.

Upon agreement, there is one free session available for the NGOs’ employees and students.